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Dominican Republic Circle of Trust retreat

Your investment includes:

Mastermind with Like-Minded Individuals

Intimate Peer to Peer Interaction

Exclusive Locations

Food & Drink (adult-beverage not provided)

THEN, until the next Mastermind:

Monthly Zoom Calls

Private Marco Polo Group for Q&A anytime

Mentoring Deals

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We invite you to become a part of our Circle of Trust. The business world can be a lonely place. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and lose sight of your goals. But what if you had a group of like-minded individuals to help you stay on track? A group where you could openly share your thoughts and feelings, knowing that everyone is striving for the same goal - to live their best life. This is exactly what we offer at The Mastermind Group. We not only grow our businesses together, but we also learn about ourselves in ways through discovery and discussion that you will not find anywhere else. Won't you join us on this journey? Together, we can achieve anything!

As a business professional, you are always looking for ways to improve your skillset and reach your goals. But sometimes, it can be difficult to stay motivated and focused on what you want to achieve. That's where our Circle of Trust Mastermind Retreats come in. During our retreats, you will gain the clarity and mindset you need to Set and Reach Big Goals! You will also be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will support and encourage you along the way. Our discussion-based format allows you to openly share your challenges and ideas with the group, so that we can all learn and grow together. So if you're ready to take your career to the next level, sign up for one of our Mastermind Retreats today! We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Our Mastermind Agendas

  • Day 1 - Social w/ arrival

  • Day 2 - Mastermind

  • Day 3 - Mastermind

  • Day 4 - Mastermind

  • Day 5 - Departure

1-2 hours to discuss business health and relationships daily.

Questionnaire time; Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinners; Casual Adult Atmosphere; Small group/intimate setting

Masterminds held 2x a year per group

Investment includes the Mastermind

Welcome to invite an additional guest*

Heads Up!

Our next gathering will be on: TBD

*Mastermind Retreats per business unit include one bed accommodations.

Business partners or spouses are welcome keeping this in mind.

Cultivate Relationships & Encourage Growth

There is NO judgment here. We are in this together. As a group, we will talk about everything from daily business struggles to how to create a health work-life balance.


Derek & Tracy Dombeck

Meet one of our Group Leaders

David Peters and his lovely wife, Vicki.

Small-Group - Large Mindset

The Circle of Trust is a group of individuals that have been carefully selected to participate in an intimate setting that allows for the sharing of life experiences and business advice.

Derek & Tracy Dombeck; Hosts and Leads each group that are designed to create an environment that is conducive to learning, personal growth and the development of long-lasting relationships. This is achieved through access to a wide variety of resources, including industry experts, life coaches and successful business leaders. In addition, members are encouraged to share their own experiences and knowledge in order to help others achieve their goals.

Circle of Trust is a supportive community that offers its members the opportunity to reach their full potential. By hearing different perspectives and ideas, we can develop new ways of thinking that help us become more successful business owners. In addition, by networking with other business owners, we can build relationships that lead to new opportunities and growth.

If you are interested in joining this exclusive group, please contact us today.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you

re-energized, re-invigorated, and re-inspired!

Limited Offer

Come together!

Get your ticket to this exclusive event for
$15,000 per business unit ANNUALLY that includes 2 retreats

(and you can bring your business partner)

What You'll Learn

We don't just talk business. During this Mastermind retreat, you'll

  • Learn how to create a health work/life balance

  • Ways to boost productivity

  • Engage with likeminded professionals

  • Cultivate relationships

  • Learn about yourself and ways to reach personal goals

  • Start living a healthier, more-balanced and growth-focused mindset!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity for growth and success!

In case you didn't already listen...

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Where have we explored??

Austin TX • St Pete FL • Nashville TN • Branson MO • Dominican Republic

Orlando FL • Gulf Shores AL • Vieques PR • Cancun Mexico • Wautoma WI

St Maarten – Dec 2022

See you on the call!

Dominican Photos

Coming together and learning from each other,

we cultivate a more productive and successful business community.



February 9 - 16, 2025

Symphony of the Seas

8-Night Southern Caribbean Cruise


HI-LEVEL Networking, Discussion & Fun!


We are sailing our way to success this 2025 and we want YOU!

Join us as we cruise our way to the Caribbean!

HI-LEVEL Networking, Discussion & Fun!




Investor Knowledge

All 4 days will be spent in the conference space doing training with our speakers for four hours. We'll also be facilitating master minds and breakout sessions with industry experts.


Make a MASSIVE number of connections and relationships at this event with other like-minded investors.

Make Memories & Have FUN!
Get the BEST out of this voyage and create memories! Bring your family and friends while building your business.

*Room Reservations are NOT included in the Conference Ticket Purchase.

Prices are per person based on double occupancy and include government taxes.

Contact Janis for a single, triple, or quad occupancy quote.

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February 2025 - Generations of Wealth Conference

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